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2023's Top 5 Best DIY Mini-Split AC Systems on the Market

In 2023, the home climate control market is defined by efficient, affordable, and easily installed DIY Mini-Split AC systems. Catering to the increasing demand for custom cooling solutions, we've identified the top five systems of the year. This concise guide provides valuable insights into the most innovative and accessible mini-split AC systems perfect for DIY enthusiasts and energy-conscious homeowners. 

#1 - MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen: Proudly an American Company

Overall Ratings: Rated 4.8 stars, HVAC Technician's Rate: 9.5/10, Energy Efficiency Expert's Rate: 9.6/10, Property Owners' Satisfaction Rate: 97%.

Key Features: MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Mini-Split AC systems are lauded for their easy installation and energy-efficient operation. They come with a pre-charged line set, eliminating the need for professional help. Thanks to smart technology integration, you can control the system remotely via a smartphone app or voice commands including those from Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Unique Selling Points: The MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen stands out not only for its versatile options tailored to different room sizes and a limited lifetime warranty on the condenser, but also for its unique status as America's only true DIY HVAC system, thanks to its pre-charged lines. The systems can be purchased directly from the company's authorized dealers, ensuring exceptional customer support.

Pros and Cons:


✅Easy installation facilitated by the new DIYPRO™ MC cable.
✅Energy Star rated with a SEER of up to 22 which helps lower energy bills.
✅Integrated smart technology.
✅Allows individual control of up to 5 zones, with up to 48K BTU system.
✅Pre-charged line set included.
✅Lifetime warranty on the condenser, representing best-in-industry coverage.
✅Quiet operation.
✅Customer-centric company with 24/7 live chat and phone support.
✅Versatility in size options to fit various space requirements.


❌ May sell out quickly due to high demand.
❌ The split system requires regular upkeep, including cleaning of air filters and outdoor unit.
❌ Its heating capacity might not be sufficient in extremely cold climates compared to traditional heating systems.

Verdict: Given its superior energy efficiency, smart technology features, and straightforward installation, we highly recommend the MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen mini-split system for 2023. Despite a few drawbacks, it delivers remarkable value and flexibility, offering top-tier heating and cooling solutions. This makes it an outstanding investment choice for most homeowners.

#2 - Daikin Mini-Split AC: Quality and Reliability from Japan

Overall Ratings: Rated 4.3 stars, HVAC Technician's Rate: 8.8/10, Energy Efficiency Expert's Rate: 8.5/10, Property Owners' Satisfaction Rate: 86%.

Key Features: Daikin Mini-Split AC systems are well-regarded for their energy efficiency in heating and cooling. Despite the initial cost and complex installation, their energy-saving inverter technology, varied models, and robust warranty make them a worthwhile investment. 

Unique Selling Points: Their unique features include two-area sensors that intelligently adjust temperatures based on room occupancy, while the Comfort Control App offers the convenience of remote adjustments.

Pros and Cons:


✅Provides reliable, consistent heating and cooling.
✅Energy-efficient inverter technology minimizes energy consumption.
✅Offers a variety of models for diverse room sizes, layouts, and climates.
✅Extensive warranty provides long-term support and investment protection.
✅Equipped with an intelligent sensor that switches to energy-saving mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.
✅Quiet operation.


❌ Complex DIY installation.
❌ Higher upfront costs compared to other brands.
❌ Difficulty in finding authentic parts for maintenance and repairs.
❌ Occasional customer service issues.
❌ SEER rating of 17, lower than some competitors.
❌ Larger systems might be noisier.

Verdict: Daikin Mini-Split AC systems provide commendable performance and energy efficiency, though one must weigh potential installation difficulties and the initial investment. However, for those who value quality and reliability above all, Daikin could indeed be an ideal selection.

#3 - Goodman Mini-Split AC: Reliable Australian Quality

Overall Ratings: Rated 4.2 stars, HVAC Technician's Rate: 8.3/10, Energy Efficiency Expert's Rate: 8.4/10, Property Owners' Satisfaction Rate: 84%.

Key Features: Goodman Mini-Split AC systems, under the Daikin group, are noted for their durability, reliability and a varied product line, including units with SEER ratings from 13 to 19. Despite some potential installation and component challenges, they are a preferred choice due to their effective noise control, peaking at 70 decibels under stress, and their generous warranties, which for some units extend to a lifetime.

Unique Selling Points: Goodman's unique features, such as ComfortBridge™ Technology, Copeland® Ultratech™ Scroll Compressor, and ComfortAlert™ Diagnostics, enhance system efficiency, quiet operation, and ease of troubleshooting. Coupled with an affordable price, these features underline Goodman's commitment to delivering quality, efficient HVAC solutions.

Pros and Cons:


✅Provides dependable, long-lasting heating and cooling.
✅Offers a wide variety of models and sizes.
✅Uses energy-saving inverter technology.
✅Solid reputation and Daikin affiliation for enhanced market credibility.
✅Goodman models balance affordability and efficiency.
✅Renowned for generous warranties, some being lifetime.


❌ Professional installation may be necessary.
❌ Occasional component issues could elevate maintenance costs.
❌ Customer support and warranty might be inferior to Daikin.
❌ Higher price point than some competitors.
❌ Goodman Mini-Split AC lacks extensive premium features.
❌ Not all Goodman systems offer high energy efficiency.
❌ Goodman only sells to distributors, not dealers, potentially complicating the search for quality installers.

Verdict: Goodman Mini-Split AC systems deliver reliable performance and notable durability, but possible installation challenges and component concerns should be contemplated. If steadfast reliability is paramount for you, Goodman's robust solutions might be the perfect fit.

#4 - Pioneer Mini-Split AC: Affordable American Efficiency

Overall Ratings:Rated 3.9 stars, HVAC Technician's Rate: 7.9/10, Energy Efficiency Expert's Rate: 8.1/10, Property Owners' Satisfaction Rate: 78%.

Key Features: Pioneer Mini-Split AC systems, known for eco-friendliness and energy efficiency, offer cost-effective and versatile ducted, ductless, and multi-zone solutions. Despite certain quality and customer service issues, the systems' ease of installation and comprehensive package including an indoor unit, outdoor unit, wireless remote control, and flare connection leak guard sealer make them a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts.

Unique Selling Points: Pioneer's unique selling points stem from its varied mounting and capacity options and DIY-friendly installation. With two mounting styles (Ceiling Concealed and Central Split) and a SEER rating of 20~22.8, the ducted systems showcase high energy efficiency. The inclusion of key components and easy installation further elevate Pioneer's market standing.

Pros and Cons:


✅Affordable and energy-efficient.
✅Simplified installation process.
✅Designed with eco-friendliness to reduce energy consumption.
✅Equipped with remote control for convenient operation.
✅Features a refrigerant leakage detector that safeguards the compressor.
✅Includes an anti-cold air function for controlled indoor fan speed and comfort.


❌ Possible quality control issues may impact reliability.
❌Customer support experiences vary.
❌Limited range of models.
❌Potentially less durable, increasing maintenance or repair costs.
❌Pioneer Mini-Split AC systems are pricier than many competitors.
❌Professional installation, which could strain budgets, is required.

Verdict: Pioneer Mini-Split AC systems present an affordable choice for budget-conscious consumers. However, it's crucial to take into account potential quality control issues and inconsistent customer support experiences before making a decision..

#5 - Senville Mini-Split AC: Eco-Friendly Efficiency from Canada

Overall Ratings: Rating: 3.5⭐, HVAC Technician's Rate: 6.9/10, Energy Efficiency Expert's Rate: 7.4/10, Property Owners' Satisfaction Rate: 68%.

Key Features: Senville Mini-Split ACs shine for their energy efficiency, aesthetic design, and quietness. Available in various sizes and power capacities, from the SENL 09CD model for spaces up to 450 sq. ft. to the robust SENA-36HF/Z model for areas over 2000 sq. ft., they cater to a wide range of needs. High SEER ratings ensure energy savings, and the option of single or multi-zone systems with remote controls and dual cooling modes elevates user convenience. Despite concerns about installation clarity, accessory quality, and customer service, Senville's commitment to offering attractive, efficient, and eco-friendly cooling solutions remains evident.

Unique Selling Points: Senville's use of eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant and extended warranties up to 7 years on compressors set it apart in the market. 

Pros and Cons:


✅ Efficient heating and cooling with a stylish design.
✅ Offers quiet operation for minimal noise interference.
✅ Features eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant in certain models.
✅ Suitable for single rooms and small offices for year-round use.
✅ High SEER rating (25) translates into cost-effective operation.
✅ All Senville heat pumps come with warranties: 1-year on parts, and either 5 or 7 years on the compressor.


❌ Installation might need extra expertise.
❌ Quality of included accessories is questionable.
❌ Customer support reviews are inconsistent.
❌ Potentially less durable than more expensive brands, potentially leading to higher maintenance or repair costs.

Verdict: Senville's Mini-Split AC provides eco-friendly efficiency. However, possible installation difficulties, issues with accessory quality, and inconsistent customer support should be thoroughly evaluated before making a purchase.


To sum up, the 2023 market offers a variety of top-notch Mini-Split AC systems, each with distinct qualities. The American MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen stands out for its simplicity, efficiency, and smart tech, followed by Japan's quality-rich Daikin, Australia's durable Goodman, affordable Pioneer from America, and Senville's eco-friendly design from Canada.

It's important to note that this information serves as a guide for general information purposes only, and it's recommended that you confirm any details with a licensed HVAC contractor or professional. Individual circumstances might affect the suitability of these systems. Seek expert advice before installation or maintenance decisions, and you may contact us for further help.

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