MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen 2-Zone 36,000 BTU (12K + 24K) Ductless Mini-Split System - 230V/60Hz, 21.5 SEER

Line set for 12K air handler #1: 16 Ft.
Line set for 24K air handler #2: 16 Ft.
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Included with the system

Condenser (x1)

Air Handlers (x2)

Lines Set (x2)

Remote Controls (x2)


DIY Mini-Splits Features

Heating Capacity: The DIY can heat at 100% capacity at – 5 degrees Fahrenheit, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooling Capacity: The DIY can cool at 100% capacity with outdoor temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry Mode: The operating range is from 32°F to 122°F.

Note: If the air conditioner runs for an extended time in cooling mode in high humidity (above 80%), water droplets may form and drip from the unit. To prevent this, adjust the vertical airflow louver to its maximum angle (pointing downwards) and switch to high fan mode.

DIY Multi-Zone Specifications

Line Set Options

16ft, 25ft, 35ft, 50ft - Combine 2 lines with a coupler for 75ft max.


DC Inverter tech. consumes less energy. Up to 22 SEER rating with Energy Star Certification. Check spec sheet for details.

Silent Comfort

Enjoy a peaceful environment with no noise disturbance.

Operating Modes

COOL, HEAT, AUTO, DRY (dehumidify), SLEEP to keep your home comfortable year round.

Smart Control

Easily modify settings using the remote control, voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or through your smartphone.


Stylish look: Its sleek, contemporary appearance complements any home decor.

Air Handler Coverage Area

- 09K (AH) covers 375 sq. ft.
- 12K (AH) covers 550 sq. ft.
- 18K (AH) covers 800 sq. ft.
- 24K (AH) covers 1050 sq. ft.
- 36K (AH) covers 1550 sq. ft.

Worry-Free HVAC Operation

If multiple air handlers run simultaneously, their total BTU output won't exceed the outdoor unit's BTU rating. For example, if the condenser is 18K BTU and there are two 12K BTU air handlers, each drops to 9K BTU to achieve a combined output of 18K BTU, ensuring safe, worry-free operation and optimal performance.

Quick-Connect® Line Set

This 4th Gen Quick-Connect® Line Set is the newest MRCOOL refrigerant line set with quick-connect fitting for easy installation used in the DIY system. It's pre-charged with refrigerant (R-410A) to reduce installation time and improve efficiency.

Limited Lifetime Compressor Warranty

The MRCOOL 4th gen DIY mini-splits are a standout choice with their limited lifetime compressor warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment. Additionally, the system offers a 7-year unit replacement warranty for the compressor and a 5-year warranty for parts. Learn more about warranty details here.

Certified DIY-ER

Unleash your inner handyman, get ready to feel cool and cozy, and save big on installation!

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