MRCOOL | Universal Series DC Inverter Complete System with COOLING ONLY Condenser & High ESP Air Handler Up to 20 SEER


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Key Terms:

OD = Outdoor Unit (Condenser)

AH = Indoor Unit (Air Handler)

The MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Complete System with COOLING ONLY Condenser & High ESP Air Handler Up to 20 SEER is the ultimate solution for year-round comfort in your home.

It can deliver 100% cooling capacity at temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that your home stays comfortable even on the hottest days.

Additionally, the Universal Series Condenser can work with existing air handlers from different brands. However, it performs best with MrCool Air Handlers.

Some of the key features and benefits of this product include:

Advanced DC inverter compressor and intelligent control system: These advanced technologies allow the MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Complete System with COOLING ONLY Condenser & High ESP Air Handler Up to 20 SEER to operate at a reduced capacity over a long period of time, which can help to save energy and reduce your energy bills. 

The intelligent control system also allows the system to scale its performance as the outside temperature fluctuates, providing added versatility.

Energy-efficient performance with a high SEER rating (up to 20): The system has a high energy efficiency rating (SEER), which means it is designed to use less energy to produce the same amount of heating or cooling as a lower SEER system resulting in significant energy savings and lower energy bills.

Compact footprint and shallow profile for easy installation: This MRCOOL system comes with everything you need for a seamless installation and it has a compact design, which can make it easier to install in a variety of spaces. 

The shallow profile also allows for easier access and maintenance.

Also, The MrCool No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set is one of the most exciting aspects of the MrCool Universal Series Central Heat and Air Split System. 

This unique line set is kink resistant, pre-loaded with R410a refrigerant, and uses Quick Connect fittings. 

These specialized fittings mean that the installation of the Universal Split System with the No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set can be performed without special tools. 

No cutting, no brazing, no vacuuming, and no charging are required. It reduces down to minutes the hours of installation work.

Lineset for the Universal Series include 15ft., 25ft., 35ft., and 50ft. Click here to buy more.

You can also get a coupler to build a Line set up to 75ft. Click here to buy.

Gold Fin corrosion protection on condenser unit: The Gold Fin coating is a 

corrosion-resistant layer that is applied to the condenser unit to protect it from the outdoor elements and extend its lifespan.

This can help to improve the durability and performance of the system.

Self-reset internal overload protector on condenser: The self-reset internal overload protector is designed to protect the condenser unit from damage due to excessive current or other types of stress. 

This can help to improve the reliability and longevity of the system.

Direct-drive fan motor and copper tube-aluminum inner groove: The direct-drive fan motor and copper tube-aluminum inner groove are features that can help to improve the efficiency and performance of the condenser unit.

Automatic defrost and electronic expansion valve: These features help to maintain the optimal performance of the system, even in colder weather. 

The automatic defrost function helps to prevent the system from freezing up, while the electronic expansion valve helps to regulate the flow of refrigerant.

Electrical box assembly, fan motor, and primary and secondary drain pans in air handler: The air handler unit includes a range of components that are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of the system playing important roles in the proper operation of the system.

Optional auxiliary heat kit available for added versatility: The optional auxiliary heat kit can be added to the system to provide additional heating capabilities.

This can be useful for areas that experience very cold weather or for homeowners who want a more comprehensive heating solution.

Best Warranty of MRCOOL Universal Series: Buyers of  MRCOOL Universal Series DC Inverter Complete System with COOLING ONLY Condenser & High ESP Air Handler Up to 20 SEER who properly register the Universal within 60 days of installation shall immediately receive a 10-year limited part warranty when a professional installs the system. 

In case a non-professional installs it, the warranty is reduced to 5-years.

Click here for detailed information about the warranty.


Universal Air Handler

  • R410A Factory Pre-Chargd Air Handler Can Be Field Converted to 2 Ton from 3 Ton or 4 Ton from 5 Ton using a Dip Switch Setting
  • High Efficient Energy Saving DC Fan Motor
  • Multi-Position Installation (Upflow, Horizontal)
  • Internal Fan Blade Creates Low Noise
  • The Special Fire-Proof Electrical Box Design Offers Anti-Electric Shock Reserved Installation Space for the Circuit Breaker
  • Easy to Clean Metal Filter Protects Against Fire, Corrosion, and Deterioration
  • 2 Step Condensation Protection

Features of MRCOOL Universal Series


  • Variable Speed
  • Rapid Cooling and Heating
  • 100% Heating Capacity Down to -5F (2T) 14F (4T)
  • 100% Heating Capacity Up to 115F (2T) 109.4F (4T)
  • Low Ambient Cooling Down to 5F
  • Gas Furnance Not Required

Slim Design

Perfect for Zero Lot Lines.

Side discharge design takes less than half the size of conventional condensers. Perfect for urban lots and between building applications where access is limited.

Versatile installation

Truly Universal Installation Options.

The Universal® has Flare, Flare-to-Weld, or No-Vac® Quick Connect® line set options and Multi-Position Air Handler installation options (Upflow, Horizontal).

Thermostat Compatibility

Truly Universal Thermostat Options.

Compatible with any thermostat third party, including NEST, or optimize your system with our versatile smart-app Universal® Thermostat.

Reliable Comfort

This DC Inverter Is Better

Universal® DC Inverter moderates operating load, heating, and cooling with less fluctuation for more comfortable control of the climate, extending the life of the component for fewer breakdowns.

Much quieter

Ideal for a sound restriction.

For every 10 Decibels (dBa) a sound is twice as loud-making the Universal 55 dB(a) less than half as loud as the conventional 73 dB(a) condenser.

Versatile Application

Install Almost Anywhere

Replaces larger/later condensers where sound/space limitations apply and exceed conventional heat pump performance ranges for All-Climate applications with optimum coverage from 1,000 sqft to 2,500 sqft.

Side Discharge

Side Discharge

Universal® takes half the area and, unlike conventional condensers, does not fill up with leaves, snow, and debris.


Up to 20 Seer

The Universal® DC Inverter moderates operating load, increasing efficiency at lower operating costs.

Gold Fin® Condenser

Resistant to corrosion

Live on the coast, huh? Don't worry, MrCool’s condenser is designed to withstand long-term corrosion.



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