MRCOOL | Mini-Stat Smart App Controller (Battery Operated)


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Note: The Mini-Stat Smart App Controller is operated with two AA batteries. For an electronically plugged-in Mini-Stat, click here

Turn your MRCOOL ductless mini-split air conditioner into a smart AC with the MRCOOL Mini Stat Thermostat. Once connected, you can operate your air conditioner locally via Bluetooth, allowing you to adjust and monitor it with your phone.

Easy to install and use, this MRCOOL thermostat is compatible with MRCOOL ductless mini-split air conditioners.

Features and Benefits of MRCOOL Smart App Controller

Touch Panel

Intuitive & Stylish Interface

With a simple touch-screen panel, comfort is at your fingertips so you'll be able to relax in your own home.

Smartphone App

Use the App on Your Phone

Controlling your HVAC system locally through the smartphone app, by connecting your phone to the mini-stat via Bluetooth is possible. 


Set it and Forget It

Built-in or on-the-go scheduling options for smartphones and tablets.

Auto-Remote Detection

Thermostat or Remote is Up to You...

In order to use the thermostat, the remote will need to be within range of the thermostat at all times.

Timeline of Actions

Who, What, and When...

What's Your Usage History...? The software will keep note of any modifications you make to your system.

Precision Controls

Achieve a Balanced Comfort Level

For precise temperature control, fine-tune your settings.

Location-Based Controls

Controls based on location

What if you only want the air to be on when you walk in and off when you leave? Configure your settings according to where you are.

Comfort Mode (Temperature)

Automatically Adjust Temperatures

Real-time monitoring and control of the temperature are possible, or you may turn on Comfy Mode to automate settings and reach your ideal temperature control.

Comfort Mode (Humidity)

Automatically Adjust Humidity Levels

Real-time humidity monitoring and control - or- Comfy Mode automate the process of adjusting the humidifier's settings to the appropriate level.

Air Filter Status

No Dirty Air

You may forget to clean them for a long time since they endure so long. Cleaning your unit's filter was recommended by this estimate.

Usage Statistics

Observe and Reduce Energy Use

Identify and fix energy "leaks" to save up to 25 percent on your utility bill.

Warranty of MRCOOL Smart App Controller

Standard 1-year registered warranty for the original registered owner is included with the MRCOOL Smart App Controller.


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MRCOOL | Mini-Stat Smart App Controller (Battery Operated)

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