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MRCOOL | Condenser Wall Bracket

Condenser BTU Size: 9K - 12K & 18K BTU Condensers
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MRCOOL Wall Mounting Kit

The MRCOOL Condenser Wall Bracket is a durable, heavy-duty steel bracket designed for easy installation of air conditioning and heat pump condenser units.

It is adjustable and can fit a variety of unit sizes, provides increased stability and weather resistance, and meets industry standards.

The bracket comes in two options - one for 9K, 12K & 18K condensers with a weight capacity of 176 lbs, and one for 24K, 27K & 36K condensers with a weight capacity of 440 lbs.

Technical specifications


9K, 12K & 18K Condensers

24K, 27K & 36K Condensers


18 inches

30 inches


14.5 inches

28 inches


30.75 inches

36 inches


10 lbs

12 lbs

MRCOOL Wall Mounting Kit

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